Friday, February 10, 2017

Life Goals

To be perfectly honest, I don't know that I have many goals for the future or even really what they are. I currently feel pressured to figure out right now what I want to do with my life, but there are so many options. I also want to be able to travel before I totally settle down with a solid job and living place, but I don't know where to begin on how to do that.
So I guess I could write more so about hopes for my future; to see more than just where I've lived all my life. I hope to be successful enough in high school to have a decent variety of college options and continue to do well there. I hope to at some point find something that I really enjoy and be able to make or have a career involving it. Basically, I just hope that I will continue to make choices that will keep me in a good direction, and not end up having major regrets with what I'd done.
I definitely have some ideas, ex; I love to do nails, so the career of a manicurist strikes my interest. The thing I worry about is in doing that, will it eventually burn out my want to do it or will it become old to me? A second thing I enjoy is having larger canvases to draw on, more specifically the bottom of long boards. I believe it is an option to become sort of like a graphic designer, but focus in on what things to design. Another option I've thought about is interior design, which involves creating how the inside of homes will look like. This one has always sounded interesting to me because I find amusement in recreating or fixing up anything to make it look nice again and manipulating a space or objects to give the feel about them that you want to, making it your own or in special preference of someone else.
I don't think that these expectations are too high or out of reach, just as long as I achieve a life-long happiness.